Ski Service

Frank stonegrinding a ski on Cyclova XC's Wintersteiger Micro 100 Machine - the most advance machine in Wisconsin exclusively used for tuning Nordic skis.  Photo credit to David Gabrys

Birkie Stonegrinding and Waxing Schedule...

Drop Off Date/Time for 10% discount...

All skis dropped off by close of business (5pm) on Sunday 2/18 will receive 10% off stonegrinding, hotboxing and/or waxing services for the American Birkebeiner.

Drop Off Deadline with no discount...

Stonegrinding - skis need to be at Cyclova by NOON Monday 2/19
Hotbox only - skis should be at Cyclova by early afternoon Tuesday 2/20
Waxing only - skis need to be at Cyclova by early afternoon Wednesday 2/21

NEW!!! - Frequent Waxer Punchcards

Fast Skis are ones that are frequently waxed. Frequent waxing also protects your ski bases from oxidation, which tends to prevent optimal wax absorption. To help with the cost of frequent waxing, we have started our new punch card program so that you can purchase multiple wax jobs at a discount. We now offer the following wax punch cards...
Sport Hot Wax Punch Card (7 wax jobs - save $41): $99
Race HF Hot Wax Punch Card (3 wax jobs - save $12): $135

Single Wax Services

Slick Speed Paste & Polish: $10
Sport Hot Wax (2 layer paraffin hot wax): $20 
Race HF Hot Wax (3 layer paraffin, LF and HF hot wax): $49
Race with High Flouro Topcoat (4 layer paraffin, LF, HF and Flourocarbon hot wax): $89 

Base Repair and Treatment Services

Stonegrind: $69
Your structure of choice (see SKI TECH: Structure Profiles below)
P-tex Welding: $15
May be necessary if there are deep scratches in your ski base
Race Prep Thermo Bag Treatment: $45
The Race Prep Thermo Treatment is the ideal start for a freshly stoneground ski - all you will need to do to get your skis race ready is to put your wax of the day on. The race prep saturation features 2 layers of a soft paraffin wax, followed by 1 layer of hard paraffin wax. Each layer is gently baked in our state of the art SKI SAUNA Thermo Bag at 55'C for 60 minutes. Studies show that each layer of wax in a Thermo bag achieves wax penetration equal to at least 15 individual layers of wax!
Stonegrind & Race Prep Thermo Treatment Combo: $99

SKI Tech: Structure Profiles

If you have any questions on Cyclova XC Racing Service, please contact the helpful staff at Cyclova XC. Phone:715-483-3278

CLICK HERE for more information on stonegrinding, ski fit, waxing, and general ski tech info on our Ski Tech Page.